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Keeping Pace 2017 Issue Four

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Keeping Pace 2017 Issue Four


Keeping Pace

Issue Four 2017

Update - Exide Energy Storage Project launched

Over the summer, a new two-year project has been launched with EXIDE Spain. This project will be focused on investigating the use of carbon nano materials in the positive active mass. A significant amount of work has been conducted in the past regarding the addition of carbon to the negative active material, where it has been shown to result in improved charge acceptance and cycle life of advanced lead-carbon batteries for automotive and energy storage applications. However, the use of carbon in the positive plate has not been fully explored, and the objective of this project is to investigate potential significant benefits such as improved energy efficiency and cycle life for lead batteries in energy storage applications through the use of nano-carbon on the positive plate.

ALABC meetings in Kuala Lumpur - 19 September 2017

In addition to launching the new EXIDE project, considerable progress has been made in the other ALABC projects funded under the 2016-2018 Program. A technical update on these projects will be provided both at the ALABC Technical Workshop in November (see below) and the ALABC Members and Contractors meeting scheduled for Tuesday 19 September 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This meeting will be held the day before the 17th Asian Battery Conference.

48V Kia Optima Demonstration Vehicle to be shown at 2017 Battery Show

Thanks to the support of East Penn and Doe Run, the 48V Kia Optima Demonstration Vehicle will be present at the 2017 Battery Show in Novi, Detroit in September. This vehicle was part of an ALABC project conducted in combination with Hyundai/Kia and East Penn. The vehicle incorporates an advanced ultra-battery in combination with a belt-driven starter-generator and electric turbo-charger. A 16% reduction in CO2 emissions was achieved along with significantly improved acceleration performance in comparison with the base model.

Kia have reported that they chose lead batteries over lithium-ion because they do not require active cooling and are much easier to recycle when the vehicle life is over. They have also shown to be a better performer in sub-zero temperatures.

ALABC North American Technical Workshop- 8-9 November 2017

Following on from the 2017 Technical Workshops held earlier this year in Hangzhou, China and in Varna, Bulgaria, a North American Technical Workshop will be held over one and a half days at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport Brier Creek, 8001 Arco Corporate Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617.

Workshop Objective

  • To discuss both recent technical developments and key issues that need to be overcome to improve lead battery performance in both start-stop and micro-hybrid applications, industrial, utility and renewable energy storage applications.
  • To link these work areas to the current and future ALABC Technical Programs.
  • To update ALABC members on the technical work of the consortium.
  • To discuss general standards, research and modelling work and address open questions raised by US ALABC members.


  • Workshop attendance is limited to ALABC members, ALABC project partners and invited end users, researchers, academics and battery experts.
  • The workshop is aimed at North American members, but all other members are welcome to attend.

Registration for this event can be made here. For more information please contact Boris Monahov ( or Anita Wright (

Technical Communication Program Meeting - 9 November 2017

A meeting of the ALABC technical communications committee will take place on 9 November at Embassy Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport Brier Creek from 1pm-5pm, to discuss:

  • The new ALABC Technical Communication Material.
  • The Strategy for delivering messages and material to end users and policy makers.
  • ALABC Energy Storage demonstration projects.


Given this program has both communication and technical aspects, we would encourage all members, both technical and communication focused, to attend the meeting.

2017 Battery Show

ALABC, through support of the membership, will be participating at The Battery Show’s exhibition from September 12-14 in Novi, MI (USA), focusing on continued promotion of recent developments by ALABC’s R&D program and its membership in the areas of advanced lead battery technology. The promotion will feature an ALABC exhibition booth, and will feature the latest in ALABC and ILA displays and literature.

The show is expected to have 7,500 attendees from across the entire advanced battery supply chain. Register for a free exhibition pass here. In addition, a more in-depth overview of the market will be presented at the The Battery Show Conference, running concurrent to the free exhibition. More than 150 expert speakers from OEMs, Tier 1s, government, academic and research organisations, will offer key insights into the latest developments in battery markets and on ground-breaking, commercially viable technologies. Speaking companies include Mercedes-Benz, A123 Systems, Bosch, FCA, Ford and General Motors - view the full agenda online. ALABC members can receive a 10% discount on conference registration by email at