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The LC Super Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show
LC Super Hybrid Represents Industry Breakthrough
For years, the ALABC has demonstrated the potential of state-of-the-art lead-acid battery technology in real-world hybrid-electric vehicle (HEV) applications. Now, with the debut of the LC Super Hybrid demonstrator vehicle, the Consortium has taken a significant step toward getting that technology in front of some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.
A product of partnership between ALABC and UK-based automotive supplier Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), with construction and integration facilitated by German automotive technology specialists AVL Schrick, the LC Super Hybrid represents a revolutionary concept for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) design that offers automakers a unique option for low-cost hybridization. Using a 1.4 liter, turbo-charged Volkswagen Passat TSI as the base, the vehicle combines a 12-V carbon-enhanced lead-acid battery system from Exide, CPT’s next-generation SpeedStart start-stop system and their electric supercharger to achieve lower CO2 emissions and enhanced fuel economy without sacrificing vehicle performance or affordability.
But aside from the fact this vehicle represents the fruits of ALABC research and development over the past several years; it also marks the first time a demonstrator HEV using lead-acid or lead/carbon batteries was developed with the direct assistance of Tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry. The expertise of AVL Schrick, which has designed and integrated systems for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like Volkswagen and Ford Motor Company, was key to developing a production-ready model designed specifically for evaluation under automaker standards. In addition, CPT’s electric supercharger has recently been acquired by Valeo, another Tier 1 supplier, indicating their genuine interest in promoting this technology to other OEMs.
While plans for a 48V version of the LC Super Hybrid are already in the works, the current vehicle has already proven that advanced lead carbon batteries can be utilized in a hybrid system that not only features off-the-shelf components easily accessible to OEMs but also is cost-effective enough to justify consideration for early adoption in the next generation of marketable vehicles.
Debut in Geneva Draws Attention
After successful testing by AVL Schrick (detailed in the February 23, 2012, edition of Keeping Pace), the LC Super Hybrid’s world debut at the 82nd International Geneva Motor Show this month has already been highly publicized in online venues such as EV World and Green Car Congress, along with over 20 other outlets. In addition, Allan Cooper presented full technical details of the vehicle at the 5th International Advanced Mobility Forum (IAMF), and ALABC Program Manager Dr. Boris Monahov provided project details at the Kraftwerk Battery 2012 conference, one of the major German battery conferences devoted to hybrids and E-mobility.
Test driving the LC Super Hybrid at the Millbrook test track in the U.K.
Prior to the Geneva Motor Show, Autocar Magazine journalist Hilton Holloway was invited to take an exclusive test drive of the LC Super Hybrid at the Millbrook test track in the U.K., and this has resulted in a positive two-page article that will be used in a promotional capacity throughout the year. Following Geneva, the vehicle will be on display at select venues and made available for further demonstration to automakers. In addition, the 12V vehicle is expected to be on display (as well as the 48V version, if available) at the 13th European Lead Battery Conference (13ELBC) in Paris in September when the ALABC will celebrate its 20th Anniversary.
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