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ALABC PAM Committee Finalizes 2012 Event Plans
Members of the ALABC Public Affairs and Marketing (PAM) Committee met recently at the ILZRO offices in Durham, NC, to discuss publicity campaigns for upcoming events, as well as general marketing projects that will highlight the Consortium’s R&D accomplishments and impact recruiting efforts moving forward. The meeting generated significant discussion and resulted in a number of actionable items for the committee.
Among the events discussed in terms of committee involvement were the 124th BCI Annual Convention in Scottsdale, AZ, April 29-May 2, and the 13th European Lead Battery Conference (13ELBC) in Paris, September 24-28. The BCI Convention will be the site of the Spring 2012 ALABC Steering Committee Meeting, and it will feature a panel discussion on start/stop automotive systems May 1 in which ALABC Program Manager Boris Monahov and EALABC Director Allan Cooper will both participate. In addition, the ALABC’s Honda Civic HEV demonstration vehicle that is currently in operation at the ECOtality facility in Phoenix, AZ, is expected to be on display at the event.
While much of the PAM activity at BCI will focus on highlighting ALABC research and marketing the Consortium to prospective members, other efforts will involve the promotion of the ALABC’s 20th Anniversary event at part of 13ELBC festivities in Paris. Over the coming months, the PAM committee will be assisting the International Lead Association (ILA) with promoting the 20th Anniversary event in parallel to 13ELBC, as well as seeking to capitalize on the recent publicity of the LC Super Hybrid (see, which may be on display at the Paris event.
The PAM Committee meeting also included brief presentations by Mark Elford and Martin van Leeuwen of Nyrstar on the development of the Asian PAM Committee; Allan Cooper on the status and marketing efforts around the LC Super Hybrid; and John Howes of Redland Energy providing a general outlook regarding U.S. federal energy issues (see the U.S. Battery Policy Blog). The ALABC’s Chip Bremer also moderated discussion on several other topics including: future marketing cooperation between ALABC, ILA and BCI; the upcoming launch of the new ALABC public website; messaging around grid storage, sustainability, and life cycle assessment; new PR distribution services and a renewed outreach to industry media; the development of PAM subcommittees; and additional ALABC and LC branding opportunities.
Minutes and presentations of the PAM Committee meeting have been posted to the Meetings and Conferences section of the ALABC members’ site. For more information, contact Anita Wright at
U.S. Battery Policy Blog Finds Interesting Developments in DOE Budget Talks
The ALABC is now featuring on its website John Howes’ U.S. Battery Policy Blog, which offers an overview of the current U.S. regulatory landscape as it pertains to the lead-acid battery industry. In this first edition, Howes reports on the recent discussions around the U.S. Department of Energy’s budget before the House Appropriations Energy & Water Development Subcommittee. These discussions appear to reveal a shift in the DOE’s focus from rare and expensive battery chemistries to those that more cost-effective. The blog also breaks down the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new greenhouse gas rule and what it means from an industry perspective. To view the entire blog, visit U.S. Battery Policy Blog.
Lead-Carbon Batteries: Cheap Classic Chemistry with 21st Century Performance
Former Axion Power Technologies director John Petersen offers a keen overview of lead carbon battery technology, including a brief background of its development, a summary of current applications, and a look ahead to its future place in the energy storage industry. His article mentions the ALABC’s technical analysis on the use of carbon in lead-acid batteries (originally presented at the 14th Asian Battery Conference last year), and offers insight into the advantages of today’s products, including the UltraBattery and Axion’s own PbC battery.
Cabot Launches Performance Additive for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries
ALABC member Cabot Corporation recently announced the launch of its new PBX51™ carbon performance additive, designed to improve the life and performance of lead-acid batteries in micro-hybrid vehicle applications. This is one of the latest products to enter into the start/stop technology arena that has been developed by ALABC research during the past 15-20 years.

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