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ALABC Ramping Up Activity with New Website, New Members and New Event Initiatives
In preparation for its upcoming 20th anniversary celebration and subsequent launch of a new research program, the ALABC is ramping up its activity with the launch of its new and improved website at, the addition of a couple of new members, and the announcement of some new event initiatives for the coming months. The increase in activity signifies that the Consortium is working diligently to prepare for expansion of its research and development initiatives and additional exposure through public affairs and marketing efforts.
Event Initiatives in Europe, Asia and North America
Perhaps the most significant news is the ALABC’s activity at various events around the globe over the next few months. First and foremost, is the Consortium’s 2012 Members and Contractors meeting and 20th Anniversary celebration at the European Lead Battery Conference in Paris, France, Sept. 24-28. As detailed in the April 5 edition of Keeping Pace, the ALABC will be commemorating its first 20 years of research and development achievements with a special dinner event on Monday, the 24th. The Consortium will also have the LC Super Hybrid on display at the ELBC exhibit hall throughout the week, and will be meeting with members of the media and other industry representatives during the event.
The following month, the ALABC is partnering with Battery Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Magazine to promote a Sino Lead Acid Battery Summit in Beijing, China, October 16-18. The first day of the event will be a private meeting with Chinese ALABC members to discuss with Consortium management the latest achievements in developing and demonstrating advanced lead-acid batteries, as well as the new 2013-15 ALABC program and possible research proposals from the Chinese members. For the second day, the ALABC and BEST Magazine are inviting Chinese lead-acid battery producers and suppliers (over 70 companies) to an open meeting, free-of-charge, to discuss current battery market trends. ALABC representatives will be on hand to discuss its latest achievements and generate interest in membership. In addition, the ALABC’s Asian Public Affairs and Marketing (PAM) committee will be invited to expand contacts in China and recruit potential members. Additional details will be presented in an upcoming edition of Keeping Pace.
Finally, the ALABC is expected to have a significant presence at The 2012 Battery Show in Detroit, MI, USA, Nov. 13-15. In addition to having its own booth at the Battery Show exhibit hall, the ALABC is working with member battery companies to display the Consortium’s latest demonstration vehicles, the LC Super Hybrid and the retrofitted Honda Civic HEV. Exide Technologies has agreed to display the LC Super Hybrid at its booth, and East Penn Manufacturing will display the Civic, which will be delivered from Ecotality North America in Phoenix, AZ. The ALABC PAM Committee is looking to attract significant media attention, as this will be the first event in which two ALABC demonstration vehicles will be on display for the general public.
New Public Website
The new ALABC public website, which was officially launched on August 22, includes more comprehensive news and publications areas, an informational section relating to the Consortium’s lead carbon (LC) initiatives, and a special section dedicated to the ALABC’s 20th anniversary activities. The new site also includes additional overviews on the Consortium’s research programs and achievements. The ALABC website will continue to undergo various changes over the next several months, and will be updated on a continual basis by ALABC staff.
New Members: Crown Battery and Energy Power Systems
The ALABC also announced the addition of Crown Battery and Energy Power Systems to its current membership, which has grown to 70 companies and organizations – its highest total to date. Both companies are full members for this current year and are expected to be part of the upcoming 2013-15 research program.
A member of previous ALABC programs, Crown Battery is a U.S.-based manufacturer and marketer of industrial batteries and chargers to the material handling, mining and railroad industries for more than 80 years. Additionally, Crown manufactures automotive-style and commercial battery products to a multitude of markets including floor-care, marine, commercial truck and automotive aftermarket.
Energy Power Systems is a technology development company founded by battery pioneer Subhash Dhar, who has been active in developing efficient, high-power energy storage solutions for automotive and smart grid applications. In a recent interview with, Mr. Dhar discussed the potential of his company to produce low-cost lead-acid battery systems with increased power and maintained durability to compete in the current marketplace.
Additional Information
Further information regarding all of these activities will be available following the ALABC Members and Contractors meeting in Paris, Sept. 24-25. For event details, visit the ALABC website at, or email Chip Bremer at

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