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The LC Super Hybrid on display at the Cenex LCV 2012 event in Millbrook, U.K.
LC Super Hybrid Highlights ALABC Events on World Tour
One of the more publicized demonstration vehicles of the ALABC research program, the LC Super Hybrid has already had a long journey since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year – and it’s about to get a bit longer. The revolutionary micro-mild hybrid, which is based on a 1.4L Volkswagen Passat and utilizes lead carbon batteries, will be featured at the 13th European Lead Battery Conference (13ELBC) in Paris later this month and eventually make its way to North America in November for The Battery Show 2012 in Detroit.
At 13ELBC, the vehicle will be the centerpiece of the ALABC display Sept. 25-27 and will be highlighted in parallel with the Consortium’s 20th anniversary celebration the prior Monday evening. Several ALABC representatives and partner representatives, including European ALABC Projects Coordinator Allan Cooper, will be on hand to address media and other technical inquiries from conference attendees.
Following the event in Paris, the vehicle will make a few more stops before it is shipped overseas to Detroit, where it will be one of two ALABC demonstrator vehicles on display Nov. 13-15 at The Battery Show, one of the premier exhibition and showcases for the latest advanced battery technology. The LC Super Hybrid will be displayed at the Exide Technologies booth as it features Exide’s carbon-enhanced AGM batteries. In addition, the ALABC will have its own booth and will direct visitors to the LCSH at the Exide booth, as well as to the East Penn booth that is displaying the Consortium’s Honda Civic HEV demonstrator, which is retrofitted with East Penn lead carbon UltraBatteries.

Recently, the LC Super Hybrid was on display at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) 2012 conference, where it was made available for senior automotive industry executives to drive. Hosted by the Millbrook Proving Ground where the LCSH has already undergone some track testing, the Cenex LCV event is the U.K.’s foremost event highlighting the latest low carbon emission technologies in automotive applications. Allan Cooper of EALABC and Nick Pascoe of Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) were on hand to address inquiries, as the vehicle garnered significant attention from industry representatives. The ALABC’s presence at Cenex LCV 2012 represents the Consortium’s latest effort to reach out to the automotive industry and low carbon vehicle community, including key decision makers and, in particular, leading vehicle manufacturers.
Another demonstrator vehicle in which the ALABC has been involved, the HyBoost HEV Ford, was featured on the Ricardo stand at the Cenex event. This car was also much in demand for test drives showing the current interest in engine-downsizing and performance-boosting as a means to lowering fuel consumption and emissions.
For more information on the LC Super Hybrid and other ALABC demonstration vehicles, visit the ALABC’s LC information page ( or the Consortium’s Achievement page (
ALABC Extends Presence at The Battery Show 2012
With two lead-carbon demonstrator vehicles already slated to display at The Battery Show 2012 in Detroit, the ALABC already will have a significant presence at the event. Now, that presence will extend further as Program Manager Dr. Boris Monahov has been invited to speak at the event’s conference proceedings as part of a panel discussion on micro-hybrids.
The panel discussion, entitled “Micro Hybrids: Developments and Likely Impact,” will take place on Nov. 13, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST, and will be chaired by Exide Technologies’ Paul Cheeseman. Because of ALABC’s promotional partnership with The Battery Show, ALABC members will receive a 10% discount on passes to the event’s three-day conference session. Aside from the micro-hybrid panel, the session will feature presentations from other highly-reputed speakers on worldwide trends and the development success of various types of advanced batteries for hybrid electric vehicles and other energy storage applications.
To learn more about the ALABC’s involvement with The Battery Show’s 2012 event, visit the Consortium’s event page at
New U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Create Opportunities for ALABC-Sponsored Innovations
Opportunities for early adoption in the U.S. of start/stop micro-hybrid technologies and other ALABC-sponsored innovations received a boost late last month when the Obama administration finalized new federal standards nearly doubling the average fuel economy requirements for new cars and trucks by 2025. The standards, which mandate an average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallon for all cars and light-duty trucks manufactured between 2017 and 2025, are expected to spur automakers into increasing their development of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles and other fuel-saving technologies for the consumer market. (Download the fact sheet here.)
The most recent edition of the ALABC’s U.S. Battery Policy Blog discusses specifics of the new standards, including the incentives for manufacturers to produce more hybrid, pure electric and alternative fuel vehicles. It also discusses how the U.S. EPA will allow automobile manufacturers to use accrued emissions credits from 2012-16 to meet the new requirements that take effect in 2017. With these requirements firmly in place, automotive manufacturers will now be pressed to take a closer look at some of the more cost-effective and carbon-reducing technological advances made through ALABC research, including start/stop systems and low-cost hybridization through engine downsizing (as in the LC Super Hybrid).

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