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April 2016
Advanced Battery Concepts and Axion Power Partner in Technology Assessment Program
ALABC members Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) of Clare, MI, and Axion Power International of New Castle, PA, will be partnering in a Joint Technology Assessment Program that could have a significant impact on advanced bipolar lead-acid battery designs in partial state-of-charge applications. The Program is intended to assess the performance, efficacy and cost-efficiency of using Axion’s carbon negative electrode technology and materials in ABC’s “GreenSeal®” bipolar advanced lead-acid battery.

The Green Seal® battery technology, which is protected with several global patents, reduces the lead content of a traditional lead-acid battery by over 46 percent while remaining fully recyclable. The integration of the all-carbon negative electrode from Axion’s patented lead-carbon (PbC) battery is expected to enhance ABC’s bipolar technology by increasing recharge rates, improving charge acceptance, reducing maintenance and prolonging battery life.


Consortium Considers 20 New Research Proposals
The ALABC Technical Committee is currently reviewing a whopping 20 new research proposals for the Consortium’s 2016-18 program, demonstrating the industry’s resolve to address several areas of technical performance in relation to advanced lead batteries. The new proposals will be discussed along with 11 proposals validated from the earlier 2013-15 program at the ALABC’s Spring General Assembly meeting on May 4 at the BCI Annual Convention in San Antonio. Among the topics the proposals aim to address are: improving dynamic charge acceptance, reducing gassing and water loss, improving performance at elevated and low temperatures, increasing energy efficiency, and enhancing corrosion resistance.

For questions regarding ALABC program research proposals, contact Program Manager Dr. Boris Monahov. Further information may be found by logging into the ALABC Members Website.

EU industries welcome expert recognition of lead battery importance
Official recognition by the Oeko Institute, a leading European research and consultancy institution working for a sustainable future, that there is no mass market alternative to lead batteries for most automotive applications has been welcomed by a group representing the automotive and battery industries of Europe.

The Institute’s recommendation to the European Commission for a continued exemption for lead batteries from the restriction on lead in vehicles under the End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) Directive supports many of the arguments put forward by the industry group. It also recognises the ongoing, intensive R&D initiatives of the automotive industry to find alternative battery applications. The Oeko Institute recommendation recognizes the importance of lead batteries for virtually all types of road vehicles regardless of engine specification (conventional internal combustion engines, mild- and micro-hybrid electric vehicles, etc.).

AABC to Feature Track on Lead-Based Batteries
This year’s North American offering of the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference, which will take place June 15-17 in Detroit, is featuring for the first time a track dedicated solely to lead-based battery technology and applications.

The three-day track will feature presentations from ALABC/ILA representatives Boris Monahov, Allan Cooper and Alistair Davidson, as well as representatives from member companies East Penn Manufacturing, Cabot Corporation, HighWater Innovations, TASC, Johnson Controls, RSR ArcActive, Electric Applications Incorporated, Advanced Battery Concepts, and NorthStar Battery.

ALABC/ILA also will have a booth at the event’s exhibition, and members can receive a 15% discount on new registrations.

For a complete listing of speakers, topics and schedules, visit the AABC Track 3 online agenda.


After several years of discussions, ALABC was finally able to bring Australian manufacturer Battery Energy Power Solutions into the membership fold for the 2016-18 R&D program. As Australia's leading gel battery manufacturer, Battery Energy manufactures a complete range of gel batteries using its proprietary SuperGel long-life plate technology developed in collaboration with ALABC member CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). The company’s unique technology provides for a more robust and longer battery life than traditional technologies, especially in extreme climatic conditions that makes it ideally suited to mission-critical and safety applications in solar / RAPS, telecommunications, transport, power generation, military and other applications. Battery Energy also markets a premium range of AGM batteries for the telecommunications, standby power and UPS industries.

For more information, visit the Battery Energy website at

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