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Keeping Pace AUG 2016

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Keeping Pace AUG 2016


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August 2016

Narada Project Yields Positive Results for Lead Batteries

Consortium member Narada Power Source recently concluded a three-year ALABC project (1315 STD1) to study specific enhancements of deep-cycling advanced lead-acid batteries in partial state-of-charge (PSoC) operation, and the results have produced a positive outlook for lead batteries in demanding new energy storage applications. The project, which involved adapting a VRLA battery for power-assist and power-recovery duty in battery/diesel hybrid port cranes, began as a study in carbon additives and resulted in a significant increase in power-assist cycles beyond original projections. In order to provide sufficient power support and reduce diesel consumption, the batteries needed to accept and deliver power in 15-second bursts for over 14,000 cycles, and while initial results demonstrated beneficial effects of adding carbons to the negative active material, they were not enough to reach the targeted battery life.
But by reducing the electrolyte concentration and optimizing the state-of-charge window and the re-charge algorithms, Narada was able to increase the number of successful power-assist cycles from 700 to over 26,000. Further, laboratory results indicated a possible cycle life of more than 230,000 power-assist cycles, signaling further confidence in advanced VRLA batteries as an ideal power source for hybrid cranes and elevators. The Narada team was able to extend the scope of the study and identify additional optimization possibilities and highly-efficient solutions without any increase in funding, making this one of the more successful projects in ALABC history.
For further information on the project and its results, a comprehensive summary can be viewed on the ALABC public website.
ALABC members can find the entire final report and additional detailed information in the 2013-15 project report section of the members’ website.
UK/South African-based technology and energy storage company Mega Amps International recently became the latest to join the ALABC membership for the 2016-18 program. With R&D and testing partners in South Africa, Germany, Australia and USA, Mega Amps has achieved significant advances in the fields of internal core heat management, conductivity and life expectancy along with a total re-design of the traditional battery infrastructure. The company’s ALU+ PX4 battery, a revolutionary Aluminum-Pure Lead based cell design, has produced groundbreaking results in the areas of cost effectiveness, scalability, performance and efficiency, and resultant advances have led to multiple technologies being developed in a diverse portfolio of applications from grid and utility scale solutions to automotive systems and stationary / telecommunication products. For more information on the company, visit the Mega Amps corporate website.

ALABC and ILA to Maintain Strong Presence at 15ELBC

The 15th European Lead Battery Conference (15ELBC) will be held September 13-16 in Valletta, Malta, to offer attendees from all over the globe an opportunity to discuss and examine the strategic, technical and commercial issues of greatest importance to the lead battery industry today. Key representatives from the technical, manufacturing, marketing, and R&D sectors will be on hand to analyze current trends, major advances in battery design and performance, and new market growth and challenges for the global lead battery industry. Several ILA and ALABC representatives, including Andy Bush, Tim Ellis, Alistair Davidson, Boris Monahov, and Allan Cooper, will be on hand to discuss the progress of the new ALABC 2016-18 R&D program, as well as the latest developments in battery science and market application demonstration.
For registration and other event information, visit the 15ELBC website.
Prior to the start of the ELBC proceedings, ALABC will be hosting a General Assembly meeting on the afternoon of September 12 for registered members, and a Members and Contractors meeting September 13 for current and prospective members and project contractors. For more information, contact Anita Wright at

The Battery Show 2016 to Feature ALABC Exhibit

ALABC also will be participating at The Battery Show’s free-to-attend exhibition September 13-15 in Novi, MI (USA), focusing on continued promotion of recent developments by ALABC’s R&D program and its membership in the areas of advanced lead battery technology. The promotion will feature an ALABC exhibit at booth #2067, and will feature the latest in ALABC and ILA displays and literature.
Running parallel to the exhibition is The Battery Show Conference, where over 140 expert speakers from companies such as Google, PG&E, LG Chem, Mercedes-Benz, and others will offer commercial, regulatory, safety, technological, and R&D perspectives from the automotive, stationary energy storage and next-generation battery sectors. The conference agenda also features a presentation by Don Karner, President of ALABC member Electric Applications Incorporated. Conference passes start from $595 for a one-day pass to $1495 for a three-day pass, and ALABC members can receive a 10% discount on conference registration by email at
For conference agenda, accommodations and other information, visit The Battery Show website at

Monahov, Pillot to Speak at Batteries 2016 in Nice

Hosted by Avicenne Energy, the Batteries 2016 event (September 28-30 in Nice, France) remains one of Europe’s more attractive conferences and meeting places for experts of battery research, technologies and the value chain. More than 70 internationally-known speakers will provide updates on battery markets, as well as various innovation, application and environmental aspects. As with previous years, Avicenne’s Christophe Pillot will hold a detailed tutorial based on his latest battery market analysis, which continues to be one of the most widely accepted studies worldwide. In addition, ALABC Program Manager Boris Monahov will describe the innovation trends and achievements in advanced lead-acid battery research and technology.
For more information, visit the Batteries 2016 website at