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ALABC Takes Aim at 48V Market
As automakers take a closer look into 48V systems, the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium is preparing to make a strong push in 2014 for researching and demonstrating the capabilities of advanced lead-based batteries in 48V configurations. The ALABC has already managed the launch of a 48V LC SuperHybrid demonstration vehicle with Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), Valeo, AVL Schrick and other partners, but the Consortium is keenly focused on new research projects and further demonstrations that will highlight 48V lead-acid and lead-carbon performance and position these technologies for OEM adoption.

The move to 48V is seen by many OEMs as an opportunity to make significant reductions in fuel consumption and consequently in CO2 emissions. It will, at least in early iterations, be a dual-voltage system of 48 and 12V because of the cost of converting all the low energy uses to a higher voltage. The 12V hotel loads will be serviced by a lead-acid battery while the Lithium-Ion producers are expected to make a strong bid for the 48V market. The batteries currently being suggested for this market of 5 to10Ah capacity may be relatively low in cost compared with a full hybrid, but they may not have enough usable energy to fulfill some of the additional functionality sought by the OEMs. These include launch assist and engine assist in cruise mode, as well as migrating some of the larger current users such as oil and water pumps and air conditioning to the 48V system. As these batteries get bigger by necessity, so will the cost increase to a level that the consumers (and the OEMs) may be unwilling to accept. This is why several lead-acid battery producers are already working with the ALABC to prepare lead-acid and lead-carbon batteries to be used solely for these applications.

Companies like East Penn Manufacturing, Energy Power Systems, Exide (Europe), FIAMM, and Moura are all working on various lead-based technologies for 48V automotive applications, and many are participating in ALABC projects to enhance these batteries and prove their viability in the emerging 48V marketplace. The Consortium is expecting to exhibit next year other 48V demonstrators in addition to the 48V LCSH, and will continue to extol the virtues of lead-based batteries in micro- and mild-hybrid electric vehicles as results from the current R&D program are realized.

Look for more news in 2014 about 48V projects at

ILA Managing Director Andy Bush and CNIA Vice-President Pan Wenju sign Memorandum of Understanding
ILA Reaches Historic Agreement with Chinese Lead Industry

The International Lead Association recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) to support and improve the health of workers, communities and the environment in China and the rest of the world. The MOU is intended to strengthen ties between the two associations and their members that are involved in the mining, smelting, refining and recycling of lead. This follows the work that ALABC has done in reaching out to Chinese automotive and battery industries at the International Micro and Mild HEV & Advanced Battery Technology Forum in Hangzhou this past August.

Crown Battery Introduces New Product Line for UPS and Off-Grid Applications

ALABC member Crown Battery Manufacturing recently announced a new product series, the CRP Power Module, designed for energy storage for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and off-grid applications. The new design offers longer life and greatly improved flexibility, configurability, reliability, and performance, along with lower maintenance and safe and easy handling. The batteries feature energy-dense plates with more active lead to maximize battery life and increase reliability to meet the exacting demands of solar and wind power users.

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