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Consortium Begins Membership Drive for 2016-18 Program
As the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium prepares to embark on its 2016-18 Research and Development Program supported by the International Lead Association (ILA), invitations are being extended to current and prospective members to join the new three-year venture. Lead producers and recyclers, battery manufacturers, carbon producers, battery component suppliers, research facilities and institutions, application developers, automotive manufacturers and suppliers, utilities, and any other companies with a vested interest in the development of advanced lead batteries are welcome to apply for membership.

The new program will feature a renewed focus on fundamental battery science and applied research, with emphasis in areas such as improving dynamic charge acceptance, minimizing gassing and water loss, increasing energy efficiency and enhancing corrosion resistance. Demonstration projects, similar to those that have achieved major successes in recent years under ALABC, will now be offered for subscription or private funding separately through ILA.

ALABC members benefit by receiving regular and immediate access to 20+ years of research results with expert analysis, plus the opportunity to participate with the world's leading research institutions in cutting-edge projects that will have a definitive impact on the lead battery market and its supporting product and application markets. In addition, members have the opportunity to enhance existing and develop potential business relationships by connecting with other member companies and project partners within the Consortium.

Membership commitment forms can be downloaded and submitted electronically from the ALABC website at For reference, visitors can also download an Overview of the 2016-18 ALABC R&D Program and the Consortium’s 2016-18 R&D Prospectus. For further information, please contact us at, or contact Anita Wright at (+1) 919-361-4647, or

Industry Leaflet Warns of Mixing Lithium Batteries in Lead Battery Recycling Stream
A joint initiative by the lead recycling and battery industries of North America and Europe recently produced an information leaflet setting out the dangers of lithium-ion batteries entering the lead battery recycling stream. The warning, which will be distributed to battery collectors, handlers and sorters, across Europe and North America, highlights the serious risk of fire and explosions if lithium batteries enter the lead battery collection and recycling process.

The problem of identification between the chemistries is made particularly difficult as certain lithium batteries can appear similar to lead batteries, especially when received in pallets or bins containing thousands of used batteries. The joint initiative, led by the International Lead Association (ILA), Battery Council International (BCI), the Association of Battery Recyclers (ABR), and EUROBAT advises that lithium batteries should not be sent to lead recyclers and that an approved facility should be used for treatment and recycling of spent lithium units.


Ecoult puts lead-acid back in the game with UltraBattery storage system

Australian Clean Energy Publication Ecogeneration recently featured East Penn Manufacturing subsidiary Ecoult and its promotion of the lead-carbon UltraBattery® technology. Following up on a presentation at the All-Energy 2015 Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne, Ecogeneration interviewed Ecoult CEO John Wood in regard to the UltraBattery® technology and how it may play an integral role in the emerging energy storage market. The article notes these batteries can compete with lithium batteries in several of these applications because they operate efficiently in a partial state of charge with minimal cell degradation, and the fact they are completely recyclable and extremely safe could give them a distinct advantage over their competitors.


Omni Oxide (Addenda) and First National Battery Win Awards for Excellence

ALABC member First National Battery was recently recognized for industry excellence by the National Automobile Parts Association (NAPA) winning the Association’s Emerald Supplier of the Year Award. The South African battery producer received the award based upon quality of service and products, as well as stock availability and competitive pricing. Superiority in reporting structures and strength of sales force were also taken into consideration.

Also, Omni Oxide, the lead-oxide producer arm of Addenda Corporation, was recently selected for the 2015 Best of Indianapolis Awards for Wholesale Chemical Products. The honor was awarded based upon the company’s exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.

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