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ALABC Kicks Off 2013-15 Program, Adds Members
Leadership and committee chairmen of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium met in Durham, NC, recently to discuss details of and officially launch the research and development program for 2013-2015. The meeting, which was followed by the winter Public Affairs & Marketing (PAM) committee planning meeting, laid the groundwork for what could be the consortium’s most successful program to date.
The new program is expected to: (1) continue analysis of how carbon is able to improve performance of lead-acid batteries; (2) intensify and diversify development of new lead-carbon designs and technologies that can compete with other chemistries in most recent and emerging applications; and (3) aggressively demonstrate the application of these batteries for use in new HEV, automotive and energy storage battery platforms, as well as other specific applications such as electric cranes, hybrid boats, and e-bikes. In addition, the ALABC is continuing the push for the emerging 48-volt market with the development of a 48V LC Super Hybrid, based upon the success of the 12V version that has been exhibited in Europe and North America over the past year.
While three projects from the 2010-2012 program are still ongoing, over a half a dozen new proposals focusing on optimizing, testing and demonstrating of various lead-carbon technologies have been submitted recently and are in preparation for launch. ALABC management is also preparing another call for proposals to better assist members that are eager to participate in the research program and are working to formulate and submit proposals.
As the ALABC continues to renew memberships for the new program, several new members have already pledged their support for the next few years. These include: battery manufacturers Guangdong Dynavolt (China), Leoch Battery (China), NED Energy (India) and the American start-ups Energy Power Systems (Michigan) and Highwater Innovations (Ohio); industry suppliers Abertax Technologies (Malta) and CEMT (China); carbon producers Orion Carbon (formerly Degussa) and Kennametal (USA); and one of Germany’s largest research organizations, the Fraunhofer Society.
More details of the new program will be provided in the coming months. In the meantime, interested parties can check for updates at
ALABC and CPT win Lead Carbon Champions Award for LC Super Hybrid
The UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) recently recognized the ALABC and member/project partner Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) with the prestigious Low Carbon Champions Award for their revolutionary LC Super Hybrid technology. The award was presented in the category for “Low Carbon Innovation by an SME” – an award open to small- and medium-sized enterprises such as CPT and research and academic institutions such as the ALABC. The award was accepted by ALABC European Projects Coordinator Allan Cooper and CPT Chief Executive Nick Pascoe.
The LC Super Hybrid was recognized based on its demonstration of significant CO2 reduction through electric hybridization at low voltages (12V-48 volts) complemented by the use of advanced lead-carbon batteries developed by ALABC member Exide Technologies. The use of Exide’s lead-carbon batteries along with production-ready components by CPT (integrated starter generator) and Valeo (electric supercharger, developed by CPT and acquired by Valeo) gives the vehicle enhanced performance on a substantial family-sized but cost-effective platform that has attracted the attention of several OEMs. Other partners in the project include German powertrain developer and automotive systems integrator AVL Schrick, German drive belt specialist Mubea, and U.K.-based battery management systems expert Provector.
CPT's Nick Pascoe (2nd from left) and ALABC's Allan Cooper (2nd from right) accept the Lead Carbon Champions Award..
“ALABC and CPT are delighted to receive this award in recognition of a range of technologies including the breakthrough we’ve achieved in developing high power density lead-carbon batteries, which are ideally suited to the new breed of low voltage micro-mild hybrids currently under development,” said Allan Cooper, European projects coordinator at the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium. “In combination with a range of switched reluctance technologies developed by CPT for automotive application, we are confident we have met the challenge facing the industry for cost-efficient CO2 reduction, compatible with legislative demands and, most importantly, at potential showroom prices that consumers are willing and able to afford.”
Since its debut at the Geneva Motor Show last February, the LC Super Hybrid has been on display at several events in Europe (including the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Mainz, the AVL Engine and Environment Conference in Graz, and the European Lead Battery Conference in Paris) and in North America (at The Battery Show in Detroit). Based on the success of the demonstration, the ALABC and their project partners are planning to build and demonstrate later this year a 48-volt version of the LC Super Hybrid. The new 48V format provides an ideal compromise for performance and cost in the development of a new generation of affordable fuel-efficient cars. With global CO2 emission targets rapidly converging, the auto industry has less than a decade to achieve almost another 30 percent reduction by 2020, putting pressure on automotive and battery engineers to come up with innovative and affordable technical solutions.
The Low Carbon Champions Awards celebrate outstanding and innovative practices in accelerating the shift to low and reduced carbon emission vehicles, fuels and technologies. For more information, visit the LowCVP website at
Anaheim, CA, USA
Feb 19-21, 2013
Washington, DC, USA
Feb 24-27, 2013
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Feb 25-27, 2013
Energy Storage 2013
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Feb 27-28, 2013
IBA 2013 - Int. Battery Association 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Mar 10-15, 2013
Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA
Mar 11-14, 2013
Interbat 2013
Moscow, Russia
Mar 13-15, 2013
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Mar 18-19,2013
Cleantech Forum 2013
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Mar 18-20, 2013
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Mar 20-22, 2013
Pretoria, South Africa
Apr 7-10, 2013
Beijing, China
Apr 10-12, 2013
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Apr 15-16, 2013
5th Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe
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Apr 17-18, 2013
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