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ALABC Talks Carbon Additives in BEST Magazine
Carbon additives are getting a significant amount of attention recently from the battery industry, and the ALABC is taking full advantage by discussing the topic in one of the industry’s leading trade magazines. The Winter 2014 edition of Batteries & Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Magazine features an exclusive interview with ALABC Program Manager Dr. Boris Monahov in which he answers some of industry’s most pressing questions about carbon additives.

In the article The Dummy’s Guide to Carbon Additives for Lead-Acid Batteries, Dr. Monahov provides a comprehensive overview of carbon additives, how they improve battery performance, what types of carbon work best, and a look at the future trends of using carbon in lead-acid batteries. He also clarifies some of the early misconceptions about carbon additives and gives readers an overview of the work done by the ALABC and its member companies in studying the effects of carbon additives and laying the groundwork for producing lead-carbon batteries.

The BEST Winter 2014 issue also includes an article by Ruth Williams, Carbon Additives: Add a Little Something, about the types of carbon additives available, how they differ, and which are suitable for which application. Her article also describes in detail the carbon products offered by several suppliers, including ALABC members Cabot, Hammond, Superior Graphite and TIMCAL.

The issue’s print version contains an abbreviated version of Dr. Monahov’s article, but subscribers can view the full article in the online version.

The full article also will be published along with Ms. Williams’ article in a special carbon additives supplement that will be made available at the BCI 2014 Annual Convention in San Diego this April. If your company is interested in advertising in this exclusive supplement, please contact Editor Tim Probert at

ALABC Wins “Green Hero” Distinction from The Green Car Website

The ALABC was recognized recently as a “Green Hero” by The Green Car Website (UK) for the Consortium’s R&D work in sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative fuel transportation applications. More specifically, the ALABC is being honored for its most recent demonstration project – the Advanced Diesel Electric Powertrain (ADEPT) project. The project (which will be featured in an upcoming Keeping Pace issue) is a cooperative effort between the ALABC, Ricardo, Ford Motor Company, and Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) that will feature a diesel-powered hybrid in a lead-acid based 48V architecture and benchmark it against other next generation 48V technologies. The Green Car Website takes special notice of this project because its aim is to lower CO2 emissions to just 70g/km over the European driving cycle while maintaining fuel economy and performance at lower costs.

Canadian Tire’s Ice Truck Demonstrates Durability of AGMs in Harsh Winter Conditions

Battery supplier Canadian Tire recently demonstrated the durability of its lead-acid MotoMaster Eliminator Ultra AGM battery in extreme winter conditions when it used the battery to power a truck made out of 11,000 pounds of ice. The battery (originally designed by ALABC member Exide Technologies) was frozen to minus 40°C, then used to start the ice-sculpted truck which travelled about one mile at 12 mph before it began to melt. The project received significant publicity and can be viewed through various links below:


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