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February 2016
ALABC Promotes 48V HEV Concepts for Emissions Reduction
The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium exhibited last week at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in Mainz, Germany, to promote 48-volt mild-hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) projects that aim to reduce automotive CO² emissions by 15-20%. The projects, conducted in partnership with Ford and Hyundai/Kia, utilize advanced 48V lead-carbon batteries with bolt-on electrical components that allow for engine-downsizing without loss in performance, thereby achieving significant CO² emissions reduction.

Both the T-Hybrid (based on a Kia Optima) and the ADEPT (based on a Ford Focus) vehicles have undergone extensive testing, and both have shown significant potential for improved fuel efficiency. The ADEPT in particular is targeting to cut CO² emission levels to 75g CO²/km – far below the EU requirements for CO² levels. New automotive designs in the EU are currently required to emit no more than 130 grams of CO² per kilometer (g CO²/km), and by 2021, automakers will need to reduce that by an additional 28% to meet the requirement of 95g CO²/km.


ALABC Issues RFP for 2016-18 R&D Program
ALABC recently issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) that has been developed in line with the technical objectives of its 2016-2018 R&D Program. As with previous programs, all companies with a vested interest in advanced lead battery development are welcome to participate and submit pre-competitive basic battery research proposals.

The RFP specifies (as previously agreed among Consortium members) that proposed projects should be carried out with one of two main goals: 1) providing a strong foundation for further improvements for lead-acid batteries in automotive applications where advancements can be made with regard to dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) and cycle life in a partial state of charge (PSoC), or 2) improving battery lifetime in industrial applications, especially for renewable and utility energy storage applications where the charging regime puts higher stress on lead batteries.

For those interested in membership in the new program and/or submitting a project proposal, please contact the ALABC offices at

ALABC joins forces with ILA on advanced lead battery research
From 2016 ALABC is operating as a collaborative program of the International Lead Association (ILA). Combining the talents and resources of ALABC and ILA will further strengthen the ALABC’s important contribution to lead battery research. The new program will be focused on fundamental scientific research. More information on the 2016-2018 program can be found in the ALABC Overview document.

ILA and ALABC to Hold Meetings in China February 24-25
ILA and ALABC will be holding meetings in China on 24-25 February 2016 to engage members and other companies operating in the Chinese battery industry. The meetings offer opportunities to discuss the achievements of the previous ALABC program, the changes in the Consortium’s structure and management, and the technical objectives of, as well as the request for proposals (RFP) for, the 2016-2018 R&D Program. All Chinese members will be given the opportunity to present the research achievements of their company and suggestions for future research.

The meetings will be held in Hangzhou (Zhejiang province) and hosted by ALABC member Tianneng Power. All ALABC members with activities in China are encouraged to attend, as are any other companies with a vested interest in the development of advanced lead batteries. ILA Managing Director Dr. Andy Bush, ILA Director for Sustainability and Product Development Dr. Alistair Davidson, and ALABC Program Manager Dr. Boris Monahov will be in attendance.

For registration information, contact the ALABC offices at

Hammond Appoints Gordon Beckley as Chief Technical Officer
Industry veteran Gordon C. Beckley, formerly of Trojan Battery, was recently named Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of ALABC member Hammond Group, Inc. (HGI) where he will be responsible for all R&D efforts now headquartered at HGI's new Lead-Acid Battery Laboratory. According to HGI President and CEO Terrence Murphy, Beckley’s first-hand knowledge and experience in tailoring customer-specific solutions will Hammond to “better serve the industry in competition with lithium-Ion for micro-hybrid vehicle and energy storage markets.” Beckley recently served as Senior VP, Engineering & Quality at Trojan, and has help prior posts at GS Battery, Exide Technologies and GNB Batteries.

Sponsorship Opportunities Available for 15ELBC in Malta
The International Lead Association has announced sponsorship opportunities for the 15th European Lead Battery Conference (15ELBC) and Exhibition, which will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta, September 13-16. Companies will be able to increase their exposure via one of three levels of sponsorship packages: Gold (Euro 25,000), Silver (Euro 15,000) and Bronze (10,000), each of which brings with it a range of access and advertising benefits.

For sponsorship details and other conference and exhibition information, visit the ELBC website.

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