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ALABC to Host New Workshop in November on Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries (ILAB 2014)
In response to increasing demand, the ALABC is organizing a new workshop this November to offer the industry’s technical experts an opportunity to discuss the latest innovations and trends in advanced lead-acid batteries. The workshop, entitled “Innovations in Lead-Acid Batteries” or ILAB 2014, will be held 19-21 November 2014 in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, USA. The intent of the Consortium in organizing this event is to bring together battery producers and researchers and allow them an appropriate venue to discuss the new needs of the industry and the next generation of possibilities for researchers and engineers. Topics will range from improving and demonstrating the performance of advanced storage batteries to quantitative modeling of carbon-enhanced lead-acid batteries and advanced technologies for start-stop and micro-hybrid vehicles. Formal announcements are forthcoming. Papers and presentations are being accepted, and proposals are requested before July 31 to help with the conference content and venue. Contact the ALABC offices if you are interested in presenting.

ALABC Active in September with 14ELBC and The Battery Show
The ALABC will have a busy month of September as the Consortium will be heavily involved with the activities surrounding the 14th European Lead Battery Conference (14ELBC) in Edinburgh, Scotland, and The Battery Show 2014 in Novi, Michigan (USA). The ALABC will hold its annual Members & Contractors Conference and Fall Steering Committee Meeting Sept. 8-9 just prior to the events of 14ELBC. ALABC will be taking an active role in supporting the International Lead Association in conducting the ELBC proceedings, and several key ALABC leaders will offer presentations, including President Emeritus Pat Moseley, Program Manager Boris Monahov, Chairman Tim Ellis, and European Projects Coordinator Allan Cooper. The Consortium will share an exhibit booth with ILA and will also hold a Public Affairs & Marketing (PAM) Committee Meeting on the morning of Sept. 11. For more information about ALABC meetings at 14ELBC, please contact the ALABC offices.
At The Battery Show in Novi, MI (near Detroit), the ALABC will again partner with show organizers to actively promote advanced lead-acid and lead-carbon batteries with a cross-promotional effort that includes a booth at the exhibit hall and additional promotion of ALABC speakers. The ALABC’s exhibit at booth #1211 will feature the NGVH RAM truck along with other materials on recent projects. There will also be an additional North American PAM meeting on Wednesday, September 17. More details to follow.
Sacred Sun and Furukawa to Collaborate on Lead Carbon Storage Battery Production
ALABC members Sacred Sun of China and Furukawa Battery of Japan – each highly regarded among the largest battery manufacturers in their respective countries – have entered into a technical collaboration that will allow the production of Furukawa’s patented extra long-life deep-cycle FCP series storage lead-carbon battery in Sacred Sun’s factory located in Qufu, China. The product is targeted at the growing Chinese renewable energy and telecom stationary power market. In accordance with the agreement, Sacred Sun will receive the full design and manufacturing technology of FCP products from Furukawa battery as well as the use of the “FCP” brand. The FCP series storage battery in this technical cooperation has an extreme cycle life exceeding 4,000 cycles at 70% depth of discharge, as well as superior reliability and cost advantages compared to current common storage battery types, and will help further the development of the energy storage and renewable energy markets.

ALABC Website Features Industry Employment Opportunities
The ALABC website at now features a special section on industry employment opportunities, where members and non-members can post job descriptions of open positions within the lead-acid battery industry. In addition, individuals who have experience in the battery industry can also post their information in the same section to attract industry employers. If your company is looking for someone in the field or if you are an experienced industry professional looking for a new position, please contact Chip Bremer at

Gopher Resource LLC is one of the largest and most influential lead-based battery recyclers in North America. Founded in 1946, the company processes and recycles more than 20 million automotive, industrial and stationary batteries annually. In addition, it is a recognized leader in the research, development and application of new processes and technologies that promote sustainability and safety. By pairing knowledge with integrity, Gopher Resource proudly meets – or exceeds – all applicable regulations for environmental health and safety. The privately held company currently employs over 600 people at recycling facilities in Eagan, MN, and Tampa, FL.

Gopher Resource recently joined ALABC to stay informed of – and help advance – the field of stored power solutions and battery recycling. The company shares the consortium’s mission of expanding the lead-acid battery market and funding research into the most efficient, effective and environmentally sound ways to reclaim and recycle lead-acid batteries.

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of two of the industry’s most valuable leaders: East Penn Manufacturing CEO and Vice Chairman Sally Miksiewicz and retired Doe Run Vice President of Environmental Affairs Daniel Vornberg. Sally, who passed away June 20 in a tragic running accident, was one of the most passionate and energetic personalities in the lead-acid battery industry, and much like the rest her family at East Penn, was always an ardent supporter of lead-acid battery research and development. Dan, who passed June 23, was a long-time stalwart in the lead industry, helping the Doe Run Company to become a leader in environmental stewardship and sustainable development. Both Sally and Dan were respected by all and will be greatly missed.

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