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ALABC Announces Natural Gas Hybrid Vehicle Project
The ALABC, along with members RSR and East Penn Manufacturing, recently entered into a unique partnership with companies in the natural gas industry (Southern California Gas Company and AGL Resources) to demonstrate novel natural gas hybrid-electric start-stop vehicle (NGHV) technology that could significantly impact the fleet vehicle industry.

The NGVH demonstration vehicle, based on a RAM 1500 HFE, combines compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel and an advanced lead-carbon battery to reduce fuel costs and lower emissions. The vehicle made its debut at the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, CA.

New Study Confirms Importance of Lead-Based Batteries in Automotive Applications
A recent study by the European automotive and battery industries, along with the Japanese and Korean automotive industries, concludes that lead-based batteries will by necessity remain the most widespread energy storage system in automotive applications for the foreseeable future. The study, which provides a joint industry analysis of how different types of batteries are used in different automotive applications, concludes there would be a significant impact on the overall performance and cost of vehicles, plus an effect on targets for fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, if established battery applications were to be replaced with alternative technologies.

The study was published by EUROBAT (the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers) and the International Lead Association (ILA) in cooperation with the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) and the Korean Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA).

LC SuperHybrid to Represent the UK in European Business Awards for the Environment
The European Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (EALABC) and Controlled Power Technologies (CPT) have received further recognition for their commercial development of affordable low-voltage hybrid vehicle technology in the LC SuperHybrid project. The unique project has been chosen by the RSA Environment Awards Forum as one of 12 UK finalists to be submitted for the prestigious European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE). The LC SuperHybrid project was nominated for the biennial EBAE competition by the UK’s Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, which had previously selected CPT and EALABC as winners of the LowCVP Low Carbon Champions Awards. The 12 UK entrants will now go forward to the European finals, to be held later this year.

ALABC gurus and industry trailblazers Dr. Pat Moseley and Dr. David Rand, along with Dr. Ronald Dell formerly of the Atomic Energy Authority (UK), have co-authored a new book, Towards Sustainable Road Transport, which describes the evolution of vehicle designs and propulsion technologies over the past two centuries and explores the industry’s challenges in moving towards a more secure and safe future. The book examines the prospects of possible new forms of energy to substitute for petroleum, discusses the political and socio-economic drivers for change, investigates barriers to their broad implementation, and outlines state-of-the-art power sources (with emphasis on hybrid/battery electric traction, hydrogen, and fuel cells), advanced vehicle design, and associated infrastructure.

The book will be available for purchase through the Elsevier website and Amazon on June 23 for a cost of US $99.95, but pre-orders can be made for a discounted price of $74.96 at Elsevier or $91.20 at Amazon.

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