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New Chairmen Lead Strategic Discussions at ALABC Steering Committee Meeting
New ALABC Chairman Dr. Tim Ellis and new PAM Committee Chairman Paul Kolisnyk
The ALABC welcomed two new chairmen and gave membership a look at the future of its R&D program at the recent Steering Committee meeting last week in San Diego, CA, the site of the Battery Council International’s 126th Annual Convention. Dr. Tim Ellis of RSR Corporation, who was elected as the new ALABC Chairman, and Paul Kolisnyk of Teck Metals, who was approved as the new Chairman of the ALABC Public Affairs & Marketing (PAM) Committee, both led discussions at the semi-annual meeting on the program’s recent successes and its strategic direction moving forward.

After 150,000 Miles, UltraBattery Civic HEV to Become Mobile Battery Lab
The UltraBattery Civic on Display at BCI's PowerMart
Now that the ALABC’s UltraBattery Honda Civic demonstration hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) has surpassed 150,000 miles of real world fleet duty, the Consortium is offering member battery manufacturers an opportunity to rent the vehicle for their own battery testing. The Honda Civic hybrid was originally retrofitted with East Penn’s lead-carbon UltraBattery modules, but will now serve as a “battery lab on wheels” to test other lead-acid and lead-carbon battery designs in mild HEV duty.

Under an ALABC demonstration project co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and managed by Electric Applications Incorporated (formerly Ecotality North America), the Civic’s UltraBattery system was monitored (and capacity measured on a monthly basis) while the vehicle recorded more than 150,000 miles of courier duty in the local area of Phoenix, AZ. The project demonstrated that lead-carbon batteries can perform in high-rate, partial-state-of-charge HEV operation as good as, if not better than, the nickel metal hydride batteries originally offered with the vehicle, and the batteries’ capacity declined by only a few percent over the duration of the project.

“Through this project, not only have we demonstrated the real-world durability of lead-carbon UltraBatteries, but also that these batteries can last for almost the entire life of the vehicle,” said ALABC Program Manager Boris Monahov. “Now we are offering other ALABC members a chance to rent this vehicle and determine how their own batteries perform under mild hybrid conditions.”

The retrofitted Civic HEV was on display recently at the BCI Annual Convention and PowerMart Exhibition in San Diego, CA. For information on how to rent this vehicle for battery testing, please contact the ALABC offices at 919-361-4647, or email Dr. Monahov at or Anita Wright at

The ALABC recently welcomed into membership Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd., one of China’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of lead-acid battery additives. Headquartered in Zibo City in the Shandong Province, Jinkeli offers various additive products, including humic acid, barium sulfate, carbon black, graphite, short fiber, and others to more than 70 percent of China’s domestic market, as well as 10 different countries worldwide. They conduct business with many of China’s leading battery manufacturers and maintain more than 1000 clients, including ALABC members Narada Power Source, Camel Storage Battery, and Guangdong Dynavolt. Jinkeli also is considered one of the leading drafters of lead-acid battery additive standards in China, and one of the leading suppliers of compound additives for custom designed lead-acid batteries in Asia.

Jinkeli becomes ALABC’s ninth Chinese member, and is seen as a key partner to additional program work in the Asian sector. For more information on the company and its products and services, look them up online at

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