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ALABC Reaches Auto Industry at The Battery Show
The ALABC once again reached out to the North American auto industry at The Battery Show 2013 conference and exhibit in Novi, MI (near Detroit). With more than 300 companies on display and a record number of attendees, the event has become one of the premier battery expos in the North American region, as well as an effective venue for the lead-acid battery industry to make connections in the hybrid and electric vehicle arena.

ILA Study Shows Long-Term Sustainability of Lead-Based Batteries

In an effort to assess the current and future resource availability of a number of automotive battery technologies, the International Lead Association (ILA) recently conducted a study revealing how the lead-based battery has proven its long-term sustainability. The study highlights the efficient and successful collection and recycling infrastructure of lead-based batteries as the main reasons for this availability, with more than half of the 10 million tons of refined lead metal produced in 2012 worldwide coming from recycled sources.

Trojan Develops Carbon Additive to Extend Battery Life

The engineering team at Trojan Battery recently announced the development of a proprietary formula of carbon additives designed to enhance the life and performance of its Trojan batteries operating in partial state-of-charge (PSoC). Trojan, which has been a member of earlier ALABC programs, appropriated more than five years of research and development on technology and methods to extend the life of their deep-cycle batteries designed for renewable energy, telecom and inverter backup applications.

GM to Replace Li-Ion with Lead-Acid in 2014 Chevy Malibu Hybrid

General Motors announced recently that it is replacing the lithium-ion-based eAssist mild-hybrid system in its 2014 Chevy Malibu with a lead-acid-based start-stop micro-hybrid system. Former ALABC member Johnson Controls is supplying the AGM batteries for the new start-stop vehicle. GM said it made the decision based on the fact that the start-stop system can provide similar fuel economy benefits but at a significantly lower cost than the eAssist feature.

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Axion Touts Success of PbC Batteries for Hybrid Electric Locomotive

ALABC member Axion Power International, developer of advanced lead-carbon PbC® batteries and energy storage systems, recently made a joint presentation with Norfolk Southern at the 7th Annual ASME Rail Transportation Division Fall Technical Conference touting the success of the NS 999 Electric Switcher – a hybrid locomotive powered by Axion’s PbC batteries. The presentation included details of how the new system was able to curb maintenance costs and increase performance in the locomotive and discussed the potential that battery-powered locomotives offer over those powered by traditional diesel fuels.

Ecoult Makes Global Cleantech Top 100 with UltraBattery

Sydney-based Ecoult, a subsidiary of East Penn Manufacturing, was recently named in the Cleantech Group’s prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100 as one of the world’s top private companies in clean technology from a field of 6,000 nominated global businesses. Ecoult designs and delivers energy storage solutions based on lead-carbon UltraBattery technology, which outperforms on key metrics required for grid-scale renewable energy support.

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