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ALABC Members Approve R&D Prospectus, ILA Collaboration
Members of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium at the semi-annual ALABC Steering Committee meeting September 8 in Bangkok made a statement for a more unified management structure and focused pre-competitive research when they unanimously approved the Prospectus for the 2016-18 R&D program and the proposed integration with the International Lead Association. As a result, ALABC will operate as a collaborative program of ILA with all core Consortium funding directed to fundamental research and battery science, while all management and administration costs will be covered by ILA.

The Prospectus document was drafted to provide a review and analysis of the research efforts of the ALABC 2013-15 program, as well as the priorities for the 2016-18 program. Soon, members will be able to submit proposals for the new program in alignment with the procedures outlined in the new Prospectus. Details of the document, as well as the new partnership with ILA, were also discussed during the preceding ALABC Members & Contractors meeting.

The Consortium is currently open to all lead producers and recyclers, battery manufacturers, battery equipment and materials suppliers, carbon producers, research institutes, application developers and any other entity with a vested interest in lead batteries.

For more information on membership and how to join ALABC, please contact Anita Wright at (+1) 919-361-4647, or by email at For an executive-level overview of the 2016-18 ALABC program, you can download a copy at

ILA Director Pushes for Stronger Industry Partnerships
The International Lead Association’s Managing Director Andy Bush, speaking to attendees at the 16th Asian Battery Conference, called for closer cooperation between the lead and lead battery industries. Dr. Bush stated that if the lead battery is to remain the product of choice for consumers and continue to develop new markets, these industries must come together to form stronger partnerships throughout the value chain of lead and unite under a single, clear and focused global program of action. In his address, Dr. Bush added that not only does the lead battery industry need to support continued technical developments through programs like the ALABC, but it also needs to “invest in communicating a compelling account of the many benefits lead batteries bring to society.”

Industry Makes Strong Showing at 16ABC in Bangkok
Lead battery experts from around the world made an impressive showing in Bangkok, Thailand, for the 16th Asian Battery Conference, highlighting engaging conference sessions and a well-organized exhibition that drew significant interest from local and international attendees.

Several of the speakers, including representatives of ALABC and ILA, provided positive news for the global lead battery industry while covering issues relating to battery sales, production, research and applications that have become central to the lead battery’s future prospects. Notable presenters included: ILA Managing Director Andy Bush, ALABC Program Manager Boris Monahov, ALABC Chairman Tim Ellis, and ALABC European Projects Coordinator Allan Cooper.

ALABC and ILA also organized a joint exhibit to attract potential members and promote the advantages of advanced lead battery technology, as well as the future direction of the 2016-18 ALABC R&D program.

The exhibit also included a display of some of the most recent lead battery products from ALABC members such as Narada, Furukawa, East Penn, ArcActive, and Advanced Battery Concepts.

Discussions on Lead-Acid Raise Eyebrows at The Battery Show
Over the past five years, The Battery Show in Novi, MI (USA), has grown to one of the most successful and well-attended battery industry events in North America, showcasing some of the most innovative energy storage technologies and applications regardless of chemistry. However, while many of the presentations and exhibitions featured technologies and solutions based upon lithium-ion and other batteries, this year’s event included significant discussions among industry leaders regarding the viability of advanced lead battery designs to meet market demands and the need for these technologies to be considered for new automotive hybrid designs and other energy storage applications.

Key note speakers Subhash Dhar of ALABC member Energy Power Systems and Bob Flicker of ALABC member East Penn Manufacturing both provided resonating messages that the newer generation of lead-acid batteries can flourish as mid-term energy storage solutions for start-stop systems, micro- and mild-hybrids, 48/42V architectures, as well as a number of grid support and emergency backup systems. When asked whether the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium’s 25-year quest to create a “Holy Grail” battery should continue, keynote speakers were unanimous in saying that their search should be broadened.

Later in the conference, ALABC European Projects Coordinator Allan Cooper was on hand to discuss the role of advanced lead-carbon batteries in low-cost alternatives for engine down-sizing and enhanced performance. The concept, introduced in recent demonstration projects in coordination with Controlled Power Technologies, has become an attractive low-cost option for automakers to hybridize powertrains and meet emission/fuel efficiency standards without giving up vehicle performance.

ALABC representatives were also available at the Consortium’s exhibit booth, which featured their lead-carbon/natural gas hybrid Dodge Ram truck and a display of the latest battery designs from members, such as NorthStar, EnerSys, East Penn, Narada, ArcActive and Advanced Battery Concepts.

Ebonex Seeks Partnership to Develop Bi-Polar Technology
ALABC member Ebonex Limited, owner and producer of the Atraverda Ceramic Battery, recently announced that its demonstration lead-acid bi-polar 12V and 24V batteries are currently available for testing, and that the company is currently seeking to partner with other battery manufacturers to further develop the technology. The company is seeking potential partners focusing on personal mobility markets, including e-scooters, power chairs and golf carts. The bi-polar design is considered one of the more significant developments in lead-acid battery technology in recent years, and Ebonex is developing a readily-scaleable, fully-automated manufacturing process to move the technology to market.


ALABC Remembers DeLight Breidegam

We are deeply saddened at the recent passing of DeLight E. Breidegam, Jr., Chairman Emeritus and Founder of East Penn Manufacturing, on September 9, 2015. DeLight started East Penn with his father, DeLight Sr., in 1946, laying the groundwork that made EPM the pioneer in lead battery manufacturing that it is today. While he will be truly missed, his legacy lives on as East Penn’s development of lead-acid battery technology continues to invigorate the industry with the same passion and innovation he and his family have demonstrated over the years.

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